Route 104 -- SouthEdit

Route 104 is part beach and part wilderness. You can find some new Pokémon, as well as a few trainers.

Wild PokémonEdit

Taking after Pidgey and Spearow from the previous generations, Pidgey is Hoenn's little bird. It is, however, a vastly better Pokémon than either of them, at least in the early part of the game, with high Speed and Attack, and okay Defenses. It also has a marvellous ability, Guts, which powers up its Attack by 50% when afflicted by a status problem.

On the downside, Swellow can hardly function without its Ability. However, it does have a wonderful base 125 Speed that allows it to outspeed most threats in the metagame. To highlight Swellow's incredible power with Guts and Choice Band, even Metagross can get 2HKOed by it with a layer or two of Spikes down.

Recommended Movesets
Set 1
Physical Sweeper
Set 2
Sleep Set
  • Aerial Ace
  • Steel Wing
  • Fly
  • Facade
  • Hyper Beam
  • Facade
  • Rest
  • Aerial Ace

Equip this set with a Chesto Berry
for maximum results.


Marill is the first Generation II Pokémon you will encounter in the game. Unlike the Johto variety, the Hoenn ones evolve from the Normal-type Azurill. Its stats start out absolutely horrible, with attacking stats comparable to Magikarp's. Its defensive stats are its only saving grace, but even they are rather underwhelming. Once it evolves into Marill, the defensive stats and Speed get a little better, but it still has absolutely pitiful attacking stats (they don't improve at all). Thankfully, Azumarill picks up the pace a bit, adding even further to defenses and HP, while boosting Attack and Special Attack by enough, although they are still very low. Its Speed is low for a fully evolved Pokemon as well, so Azumarill is clearly meant to withstand some hits rather than give any of its own. It has two abilities: Thick Fat or Huge Power. Thick Fat reduces the damage it receives by Fire- and Ice-type attacks by 50%, effectively giving it a second resistance (as Marill or Azumarill), while Huge Power doubles its Attack stat as long as it has that ability. There isn't a choice here: Huge Power is the only ability worthwhile.

Moving on to moves, Marill starts off with Tackle for attacking with, which gets 70 damage from Huge Power. You should keep it around for a while, since it does not learn anything Physical-based other than Rollout. At level 24 (as an Azumarill) it will get BubbleBeam, followed by Double Edge, to hit for a strong 120 power in the form of a Physical-based attack, but it takes recoil damage. Rain Dance, while also a TM move, is learnable at level 45 and boosts the power of its other Water-type attacks, although since Azumarill is pretty slow, it isn't worth taking that turn most of the time. Lastly, it gets Hydro Pump at level 57, although it is Special-based and relatively inaccurate (80%), so you're better off not using it.

TM moves are an interesting story, because the whole family doesn't learn too many good Physical-based ones, and its Special Attack stat is so low it hurts. You can consider brick break or Focus Punch, though you get them pretty late in the game. Dig iis also an alternative. A staple for the family is Hyper Beam. Ice Beam and Blizzard are both possibilities, but being Special-based, you probably will not want them. Light Screen can cushion the damage from Special-based attacks, but Azumarill lacks the Speed to pull it off too effectively (although it does at least have the bulk).

Overall, it lacks the stats to do anything useful. In the long run, Psyduck or Corphish will be better choices.


Trainer Pokémon
Spr RS Youngster
Youngster Billy
PokémonDollar III112
ZigzagoonPS Zigzagoon♂ Lv.5
No item
SeedotPS Seedot♂ Lv.7
No item
Spr RS Fisherman
Fisherman Darian
PokémonDollar III360
MagikarpPS Magikarp♂ Lv.9
No item
Spr RS Lady
Lady Cindy
PokémonDollar III1400
ZigzagoonPS Zigzagoon♀ Lv.7
No item


This route contains quite a few items hidden in the beach. When you obtain the Itemfinder later in the game, be sure to come back here and search for the hidden Heart Scale, Potion and Antidote.