Route 104 -- NorthEdit

Pick up the berries near the entrance point of the woods, and head over to the Pretty Petal Flower Shop. Just, outside, there's this this weird kid who likes to shoot seeds from his mouth at innocent passer-bys. Now, he wants you to terrorize the people the same way, so he gives you TM09. TM stands for 'technical machine'. These are programmed moves that you can teach a Pokemon that's compatible with it. This one contains Bullet Seed, a Grass attack that will shoot seeds at your opponent for 2-5 turns. It may not do much, but it will keep them on edge for a bit.

Now enter the shop. At the top, there's a girl who'll give you the Wailmer Pail, so that you can water your berries and make them grow. Sweet. On the right, there's a girl who, when talked to, will give you a random berry each day. Now you can exit, since the Shop has not yet opened. Outside, there's a woman who'll give you a White Herb.

Move up north, up the bridge,where you'll encounter your first Double Battle. After crossing it, you can talk to the lady near the soil patch to gain a Chesto Berry, which awakens a Pokémon when it is asleep.

On the way, you'll encounter the following trainers:

Trainer Pokémon
Spr RS Rich Boy
Rich Boy Winston
PokémonDollar III1400
ZigzagoonPS Zigzagoon♂ Lv.7
No item
Spr RS Lass
Lass Haley
PokémonDollar III96
LotadPS Lotad♀ Lv.6
No item
ShroomishPS Shroomish♀ Lv.6
No item
Spr RS Twins
Twins Gina and Mia
PokémonDollar III144
LotadPS Lotad♀ Lv.6
No item
SeedotPS Seedot♀ Lv.6
No item
Spr RS Fisherman
Fisherman Ivan
PokémonDollar III360
MagikarpPS Magikarp♂ Lv.5
No item
MagikarpPS Magikarp♂ Lv.6
No item
MagikarpPS Magikarp♂ Lv.7
No item

Head north till you reach Rustboro City.